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Robert Connors


To be a Certified Cruiser you have found balance and purpose within your life.  This brand originates from the state of Hawaii.  To most people when you hear the name Certified Cruiser you may be thinking of cruise ships or a type of SUV but to us, it’s a way of life.  To be a Cruiser in Hawaii means not to have worry about the day.  It means to slow down, take in each moment with gratitude and appreciate the little things we have around us.  

Hawaii is known for its beauty and spiritual attributes so our brand represent adventure to those who choose to live a life in pursuit of fulfilling their dreams.  Within our website we offer tools for Health, Wealth, and Wisdom to help you on your Pursuit of Happiness.

Certified Cruiser does not provide you with a Cruise itinerary, but we do provide the tools for you to achieve a Cruiser mentality by providing the tools to achieve freedom from financial and personal development constraints.   Wisdom opens the door of opportunity to your Pursuit of Happiness.

Doug Connors


Features You Won’t Want to Live Without!

Healthy Choices and Daily Habits.  Functional Fitness, Healthy Diets, & Holistic/Alternative Medicines for Long Life.

Entrepreneurial Options, Passive Income, Fiscal Management, & Debt Reduction for financial freedom.  Maximize money, time & health.

Ask Good Questions, Make Good Choices. What’s Your Purpose?  Personal Development, Relationship Management, & Lifelong Learning.

Adventure, Travel, Hobbies & Habits.  Balance between work, personal & relationships.  

“Our mission is to improve the Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Pursuit of Happiness of college graduates that find the American Dream does not meet their expectations.”

Searching the world for better solutions to make your life better.  

What's your source of Happiness?

We provide tools for life… so you can enjoy your life.  We also add a little Aloha and a touch of Hawaii since it’s where we call home. 

Our Latest Project…

We are working on showing the benefits of CBD oil and comparing the many brands available.  There is a lot of confusion concerning CBD and our report will explain what to look for to help reduce stress, anxiety, and improve sleep.  

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