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The Negative Impact of Stress on Your Life

The Negative Impact of Stress on Your Life There are two types of stress: eustress and distress. Eustress is good, positive stress.  Working toward goals or taking a vacation can be stressful, but in a positive way. However, when most of us talk about stress, we’re referring to distress. Consider the negative impact stress can

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Healthy Habits to make life easier

Habits That Make Life Easier and More PleasantCertain habits help minimize stress and promote harmony. Creating new habits that serve you and support your physical and mental health can only make life easier and more fulfilling. Choose habits that help you. Incorporate these 10 habits into your life:  Make a list of the most important things to get

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Steps to Healthy Habits

How to Create New Habits      Deciding to adopt new habits sounds great on paper, but it can be challenging to put them into action.  How many times have you tried to exercise on a regular basis, only to find yourself back on the couch after a few days or weeks?  There are many

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